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Trigger Happy Slot Overview

Trigger Happy is a casino slot from Big Time Gaming with round monster-looking characters, somewhat similar to the mobile game Angry Birds. The mobile game franchise was launched in 2009 and quickly became a hit, garnering millions of downloads across various platforms. The premise of the game revolves around a group of colorful birds seeking revenge on a group of green pigs who stole their eggs. In Trigger Happy, the symbols are colorful sphere-shaped creatures with fur.

This cluster game has a Target feature that puts a Wild Symbol on the reels on every spin. It also has two bonus panels aligned with the game’s reels and rows, where multipliers and bombs can appear. Aligning multipliers and bombs with Wild Symbols can quickly improve the chances of scoring huge wins. An even better achievement is to land Coin Symbols on both panels, aligned with the target since it triggers the Free Spins, with a generous max win of 50,000X the bet.

Trigger Happy is a video slot from Big Time Gaming with 5 reels and 5 rows. Wins are made by matching 5 or more symbols of the same type in a cluster, connected horizontally and/or vertically. The is 0.2, and the is capped at 5. The default game has a great RTP of 96.58%, but Big Time Gaming is also releasing versions with 94.22% and 86.14%. You can expect very high volatility when spinning the reels, and the max win is capped at 50,000X the bet

To make the best of this fast-shooting game, there are some things you should know. The features in Trigger Happy are Cascades, Target Wild Symbol, Bonus Panels, Free Spins, Win Exchange, and Feature Buy.

Trigger Happy Slot Review

Trigger Happy Slot Information

Trigger Happy is set amidst a bustling floor filled with slot machines. Although the name sounds intimidating, the scenery is welcoming, almost childish. The atmosphere is electric, with pink walls and a ceiling adorned with colorful balloons, adding to the festive ambiance. To the left, two arcade games beckon players to try their luck.

As you focus on the game, you’ll notice the two Bonus Panels next to the reels. There’s where you can land special symbols like multipliers, bombs, and coins. The latter can be your ticket to the Free Spins. To make a win, aim to land five or more symbols of the same type on a cluster, connecting horizontally and/or vertically. Accessible on mobile phones, notepads, and desktop computers, Trigger Happy offers excitement wherever you go.

The regular-paying symbols are 7 round furry characters. The lower-paying ones are also the smallest ones. They are light blue, yellow, and orange furry balls, and the first one only has one eye, while the other two have two eyes. The higher-paying symbols have more attributes like mouths and other features. They are green, blue, red, and purple characters. The first two have ears, making them look like cats, and the red one has devilish horns while the purple one wears a crown. These symbols will give you between 10X and 50X the bet for a win containing at least 15 symbols. The Wild Symbol is a furry character with horns in several colors. It substitutes all mentioned symbols in making wins and can also have a multiplier. It doesn’t substitute the special symbols Coin, Bomb, and Multiplier, which only appear on the Bonus Panels outside of the regular reels.