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PopNoir Slot Overview

PopNoir is a casino slot from Avatar UX, taking us back to a time before computers and self-driving cars. Noir fiction, often referred to simply as “noir,” is a captivating genre characterized by its gritty portrayal of urban life, moral ambiguity, and hard-boiled protagonists navigating through a bleak and cynical world. Originating in the early 20th century, particularly in the United States, noir fiction gained prominence during interwar and reached its zenith in the 1940s and 1950s.

The genre is characterized by its distinctive visual style, incorporating stark contrasts of light and shadow to create an atmosphere of foreboding and menace. This game is no exception, with a black-and-white background of a city full of skyscrapers and an armed woman as one of the higher-paying symbols. In this game, Avatar UX brings back its PopWins mechanic, where the reels expand by a row for every winning symbol that pops on them. Increasing all reels to 6 rows will give you a couple of free spins in the base game. Even better is triggering the bonus round Free Spins, where an unlimited multiplier increases for every win, and the reels can expand 8 rows high.

PopNoir is a video slot from Avatar UX with 5 reels that have 3 rows from the start that can grow up to 6 in the base game and 8 in the Free Spins. There are 243 ways to win from the start and 32,768 when the reels are fully expanded. The game’s Min.bet is 0.1, and the Max.bet is 100. PopNoir has a default RTP of 95.99% but is also released at 94%. The volatility is high, and the max win is capped at 20,000X the bet. The hit frequency of 29.56% means that about 3 spins of 10 are winners, and the Free Spins trigger 1 time in 200 spins on average.

This is a shady world for shady people. The features in PopNoir are PopWins, Base Game Unlock, Rewards Reel, Free Spins, and Feature Buy.

PopNoir Slot Review

PopNoir Slot Information

The reels of PopNoir are placed on top of a black-and-white picture of a big city with skyscrapers next to each other in a row. Lights are flickering from windows, but there’s not a single person on the streets. A jazzy tune with saxophone perfectly accompanies the setting, and the game’s logo sits in the upper right corner. To make a win, the player needs to land 3 or more symbols of the same type on adjacent reels, starting on the first reel to the left. The game is available on mobile phones, notepads, and desktop computers.

The lower-paying symbols are the so-called royals 10, J, Q, K, and A. They are all worth the same, paying 0.6X the bet for a 5-of-a-kind win. The medium-paying symbols are absinthe bottle and gun. They award 1X and 1.5X the bet for a win containing 5 symbols. The higher-paying symbols are a young man and a woman. They are both smoking, and the woman is holding a gun in her hand. These symbols award 1.5X the bet for a win containing 5 symbols. There’s also a super high-paying symbol in the shape of a golden bird, awarding 3X the bet. There’s no Wild Symbol but a Bonus Scatter Symbol that can trigger the Free Spins. The Scatter Symbol doesn’t pop during PopWins.

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