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Merlin’s 10K Ways Slot Overview

Merlin’s 10K Ways is a casino slot from ReelPlay featuring the legendary Welsh wizard Merlin. He’s often depicted as a sage advisor to King Arthur, and his origins vary across different accounts. Some tales portray him as a half-human, half-demon being, while others suggest he was born of mortal parents with extraordinary gifts. His magical prowess is unmatched, capable of shape-shifting, foresight, and casting powerful spells.

Merlin’s influence extends beyond mere sorcery; he serves as a moral compass and strategist in Arthur’s court, guiding the king and his knights in matters of governance and warfare. In this game, his magic can take you to the powerful Bonus Respins, where one single symbol can be worth 10,000X the bet. Let’s see what more this game has to offer.

Merlin’s 10K Ways is a video slot from ReelPlay with 6 reels containing 4-5-5-5-5-4 rows. There are 10,000 ways to win on each spin, and the is 0.2, while the is capped at 20. The game’s default RTP is 96.10%, but a version with 94.35% is also available. Merlin’s 10K Ways has high volatility and a max win of 12,144X the bet. Within the base game, you can win up to 3,225X. With a hit frequency of 26.18%, about every fourth spin is a winner, and the bonus game is triggered 1 time in 164 spins, on average.

Look out whenever Merlin is about to perform some magic. The features in Merlin’s 10K Ways are Tumble, Wild Symbol, and Merlin’s Bonus Respins.

Merlin's 10K Ways Slot Review

Merlin’s 10K Ways Slot Information

Merlin’s 10K Ways takes the player to a mystical forest bathed in a gentle purple light. To the left is a cozy house with a warm yellow glow from its window. The reels await in the heart of the screen, and an additional horizontal reel floats above reels 2-5, granting them an extra symbol for even more chances to win. Next to the reels is a display showcasing the potential rewards of the bonus game, with the ultimate prize of 10,000X the bet shimmering at the top like a distant star.

To make a win, players must align at least three matching symbols on adjacent reels, beginning from the leftmost reel. This mesmerizing adventure is available on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers, ensuring that the magic of Merlin’s 10K Ways is always within reach.

The game’s lower-paying symbols are spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts. Making a 6-of-a-kind win with them will give you between 0.5X and 0.9X the bet. The higher-paying symbols are bottle, book, blue dragon, green dragon, and red dragon. They pay between 1X and 5X the bet for a 6-of-a-kind win. The unbeatable best-paying symbol is a yellow dragon that awards 100X the bet for a win containing 6 symbols. The Wild Symbol substitutes all mentioned symbols in making regular wins. It doesn’t substitute the Scatter Symbol.