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Kenneth Must Die Slot Overview

Kenneth Must Die is a casino slot from Nolimit City that we’ve been waiting for for a very long time, and it’s finally upon us. Our numbers may not be entirely correct here, but we believe that it’s been around two years since we first started hearing about Kenneth Must Die, a crazy title supposedly containing even crazier features and visuals. We assume Nolimit City bumped into some issues during the production process, as it has taken until now to finish the game. But as we Swedes say: “The one who waits for something good never waits too long.” I mean usually, as Rockstar Games took the saying a bit too seriously with the development of GTA 6. Oh well, time will tell if it was worth the wait. With that said, it’s now time to dive into this game and get ready for the crazy stuff we’re about to see. And with features such as “Gimp Transform” and “Kinky Hookup”, it seems very unlikely that we’ll be disappointed. Let’s dig in!

Kenneth Must Die is a video slot from Nolimit City with 5 reels and a row setup of 2-4-4-4-2, creating 480 ways to win from start. Players can choose between making a of 0.20 and a of 100. The game has a default RTP of 96.04%, but gaming operators can also choose to use a lower RTP of 94.09%. It has a free spins hit frequency of 1 in 234, so, on average, you can expect to trigger the Free Spins feature once every 234th spin. By activating the xBet feature, there will be an average of 1 in 92 spins required for a bonus game activation. Kenneth Must Die is played at high volatility, and lets the player choose between a max win of 10,000x and a max win of 69,000x, thanks to the new Nolimit Cap option. The first option (10,000x) has a max win chance of 1 in 782.9 thousand spins, and the second (69,000x) has a chance of 1 in 40.4 million spins

Just going through the mechanics, you’ll see how absurd this game really is. The features of Kenneth Must Die are Wild Symbol, xNudge WildsxWayxHoleBig Balls MultiplierKinky HookupGimp TransformGimpier TransformBeefy SpinsBeefier SpinsBeefiest Spins, Max Win Choice, and Feature Buy.

Kenneth Must Die Slot Review

Kenneth Must Die Slot Information

This game transports us to an initially innocent place in a peaceful area, but behind this facade are experimental individuals looking for new pleasures. Here the horizons are fully expanded, where Kinky Kenneth and his Kinky Wife are visited by Beefy Dick, previously seen behind locked bars in San Quentin xWays. Kenneth Must Die can be played on all common mobile devices and desktops. A winning combination is created by landing 3 or more matching symbols on consecutive reels, starting from the leftmost reel.

The lower paying symbols consist of five different objects, with 5 of the same symbol type paying between 0.2X to 0.4X the bet. The higher paying symbols are made up of five different characters, with 5 of the same symbol type paying between 0.5X to 2.5X the bet. During the spins you can also land symbols like wild, xNudge Wild, xWays, Gimp (purple), Gimpier (gold), and xHole. It’s now time to find out what the features do.

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