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Cerberus Gold Slot Overview

Cerberus Gold is a casino slot from Pear Fiction Studios. Cerberus is a mythical creature from Greek mythology, often depicted as a multi-headed dog guarding the entrance to the underworld. According to legend, Cerberus has three heads, though some accounts mention a variable number ranging from three to fifty. Its primary role is to prevent the dead from escaping and the living from entering the realm of Hades. In some tales, it is said that Cerberus’s saliva is poisonous, capable of causing death upon contact. Despite its ferocity, Cerberus is not invincible and has been overcome by various heroes in mythological stories, such as Heracles during his twelve labors.

This beast overlooks the reels with his three pairs of eyes. Each head also represents one of the Link&Win Features, where you can play the exciting re-spins feature in different modes. The game also presents an extra horizontal reel with Split Symbols, which can double the regular reels’ length 6 symbols tall. If you’re lucky enough to trigger the bonus game with extended reels, the grid will keep being expanded during the feature. The biggest question is, can you handle this hellhound?

Cerberus Gold is a video slot from Pear Fiction Studios with 5 reels and 3 rows, plus an extra horizontal top row where split symbols can land. The split symbols can increase the rows up to 6, increasing the starting 243 ways to win to the maximum 7,776. The Min.bet is 0.2, and the Max.bet is 50. You spin the reels with an RTP of 96.02%, and the volatility is very high. Cerberus Gold has a max win of 5,000X the bet and a hit frequency of 27.42%, which means that more than every fourth spin is a winner.

You can’t find many more badass things than this three-headed dog. The features in Cerberus Gold are Wild Symbol, Collect Feature, Split Feature, Lock’nWin Feature, and Feature Buy.

Cerberus Gold Slot Review

Cerberus Gold Slot Information

Cerberus Gold plunges players into the depths of a dark and mysterious realm. As you enter, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a murky expanse of green liquid reminiscent of a poisoned lake, adding an ominous atmosphere to the game. Above the reels loom the three menacing heads of Cerberus, the legendary guardian of the underworld. Each head bears distinct markings in orange, yellow, and pink lines, symbolizing the three Link&Win Features that could lead to riches.

To the left of the reels, the game’s logo stands proudly alongside a display showcasing the jackpot prizes waiting to be won by lucky players. To secure a win in Cerberus Gold, players must align three or more symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel. Whether you’re playing on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer, the thrills and excitement of Cerberus Gold are always within reach.

The lower-paying symbols in the land of the hellhound are 10, J, Q, K, and A. They award between 0.6X and 1X the bet for a 5-of-a-kind win. The higher-paying symbols are skeleton, knight, sorcerer, woman, and man with a king’s crown. These 5 characters will give you between 2X and 5X the bet for a win containing 5 symbols. The Wild Symbol substitutes all mentioned symbols but not the Fireballs, Collect, or Split Symbols.

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