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Candy Blitz Bombs Slot Overview

Candy Blitz Bombs is a casino slot from Pragmatic Play. Candy is a delightful confectionery loved by people of all ages. Its colorful and sweet varieties offer a burst of flavors, from tangy to creamy, satisfying cravings and indulging taste buds. Candylands, often depicted in literature and imagination, are fantastical worlds filled with sugary wonders. These imaginary realms are adorned with candy trees, chocolate rivers, and gumdrop mountains, sparking the imagination with their whimsical charm. The Candylands in the slot world tend to be pink and cute, and Candy Blitz Bombs is no exception.

This is a sequel to Candy Blitz, released in August 2023. We have arrived at a similar Candyland where you make wins with 8 or more symbols of the same type, no matter where they land. Another familiar thing is the multiplier reel to the right of the regular reels. However, it has been redesigned and uses a multiplier that starts at 1X and increases by 1 for each consecutive win. The multiplier keeps on growing for every cascade and isn’t applied until the end of a winning streak. Pragmatic Play has also thrown in a multiplier bomb that can explode and add up to 500 to the present multiplier.

Candy Blitz Bombs is a video slot from Pragmatic Play with 6 reels and 5 rows. There are no regular paylines; wins are instead made by landing 8 or more symbols anywhere on the reels. The default RTP is 96.49%, and the game is also released in a version of 95.53%. You spin the reels with high volatility, and the max win is capped at 5,000X the bet. The probability of landing the max win is 1 in 33,333,300.

With a hit frequency of 33.33%, you land a win on every third spin, and the Free Spins trigger 1 time in 426 spins. The chances of landing a win of 1,000X the bet or more are 1 in 344,875.

Watch out; the bomb can explode at any time, increasing the win multiplier. The features in Candy Blitz Bombs are Tumble Feature, Multiplier Reel, Bomb Symbol, Free Spins, and Feature Buy.

Candy Blitz Bombs Slot Review

Candy Blitz Bombs Slot Information

We’re looking at a Candyland with a rainbow in the distance. Glazed donuts and cakes lay around in this fantasy world with pink clouds. To the left of the reels, which have a pink frame, is a display where wins are shown during a cascade. To the right of them is an extra reel with multipliers, which are applied to the total win when a cascade is finished. To make a win, you have to land 8 or more symbols of the same type anywhere on the reels. You can access the game on mobile phones and other digital devices.

The symbols in Candy Blitz Bombs are the same as in Candy Blitz. The lower-paying four pieces of sweets in blue, green, purple, and pink award between 0.4X and 0.8X the bet for a win containing 12 or more symbols. The higher-paying symbols are five blue, green, purple, yellow, and red pieces of candy in different shapes. A win containing 12 or more of them pays between 1X and 3X the bet. There’s also a Scatter Symbol that can appear on all reels.

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