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Roman Rivals Blood and Sand Slot Overview

Roman Rivals Blood and Sand is a casino slot from Relax Gaming that puts you right on the front lines. The game is based on the siege of Rome by the Ostrogothic army in 537. The siege lasted for over a year and was the first major battle in what is now known as the Gothic War. The game uses a cartoony style for its colorful graphics and makes excellent use of it paired with the medieval soundtrack and the sounds of swords clashing in the background. Partake in the fight and collect the spoils of war, and maybe you’ll even reach the max win of 5,000X the bet.

In the game, you have 3 different Wild Symbols that combine with the various features, one of which is a standard Wild that substitutes for other symbols. The Ram Wilds will activate Ram Re-Spins, which continue to retrigger until no more Rams land. In the Battle Free Spins, Expanding Battle Wilds can land with 2 different multipliers up to 100X, of which only the winning soldier’s multipliers are awarded. To help activate the Battle Free Spins, you can turn on the Mega Bet for an extra 50% to your bet size for more Bonus symbols, or buy the feature through the Feature Buy for 60X your bet.

Action Cash Lightning Bounty Slot Review

Action Cash Lightning Bounty Slot Overview

Action Cash Lightning Bounty is a casino slot from SpinPlay Games set in the Wild West. Cowboys and bounty hunters embody the rugged essence of the American frontier, each with their distinct roles but often intertwined in the lore of the Wild West. Cowboys, typically associated with cattle herding, symbolize freedom and self-reliance as they traversed vast landscapes, facing harsh conditions and unpredictable dangers. On the other hand, bounty hunters operated on the fringes of the law, pursuing fugitives for rewards. Often portrayed as lone wolves with a knack for tracking and capturing outlaws, bounty hunters navigated the moral ambiguity of their profession while showcasing their resourcefulness and determination.

In Action Cash Lightning Bounty, the reels are covered with symbols from this era. The Action Cash Symbol is a bounty hunter that will collect all Prize Symbols on the reels. There are also magic Wild Symbols in the shape of coins that can trigger three different Free Spin games. With the best of luck, two or even all three modes can be combined in a very powerful Free Spins session.